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Find out what the new by-laws will mean to you.

 City Limits Magazine Issue 47 December 2014 front coverThis article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 47 - December 2014.

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New laws to protect the natural environment, keep children safe on playgrounds, and help people care for their pets are set to be introduced in the City of Marion.

The by-laws, which will come into effect from 1 January 2015, also aim to protect people from offensive advertising material placed on cars.

By-laws are local laws established by councils under the Local Government Act to deal with issues specific to a council area.

More than 40 submissions were made during community consultation as part of the City of Marion’s review of its by-laws in July this year.

Manager governance Kate McKenzie said consultation was extensive and gave residents the opportunity to have their say on how the city would be governed.

City Limits Magazine - Dec 14 - Issue 47 - By-laws“We received 42 submissions via the Making Marion website, hard copy surveys and correspondence,” Ms McKenzie said.

“I would like to thank the community for their input on laws that impact on their everyday lives and thank them for working with us to create a city that is safe and liveable.

“We will be embarking on an education campaign to inform the community about what the new by-laws mean using council publications, social media and advertising.”

It is a legislative requirement that councils review by-laws every seven years.

Marion’s six by-laws cover:

  • Permits and penaltiesM
  • Movable signs
  • Local Government land
  • Dogs
  • Streets and roads
  • Cats

What some of the new by-laws will mean to you after 1 January 2015:

Permission is needed from council to fish, use model boats or take flora/fauna/water from any wetlands in MarionDogs must be on a leash around a wetland  Dogs must be on a leash within five metres of any playgroundPeople must gain permission from council before placing flyers on cars on public roadsResidents coming into ownership of a cat over four months of age will be required to have their new pet micro-chipped

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