Election wrap - Kris takes the reins

Read about mayor Kris Hanna and his vision for the community.

 City Limits Magazine Issue 47 December 2014 front coverThis article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 47 - December 2014.

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Kris Hanna has been sworn in as Marion’s 10th mayor, revealing a vision to help improve people’s lives while keeping rates affordable.

The 52-year-old father of two has presided over his first meeting of the new council since the local government elections last month.

In his first interview with City Limits, Kris said he will be a mayor who will be “down to earth, plain speaking and not too flashy”.

Kris said he was “shocked and delighted” when he was elected unopposed as mayor, replacing Felicity-ann Lewis who stepped down after 14 years in the top job.

“I was holding my breath to see if there were any other nominations but, of course, I was delighted to be elected unopposed,” said Kris, who works as a lawyer.

“I love the community and I enjoy working with people.”

City Limits Magazine - Dec 14 - Issue 47 - Kris HannaKris said Marion’s existing Community Plan, which describes how the city will look and the services it will need by 2040, provides a framework for “ensuring all the basics” are catered for in the city.

“I have a vision for Marion which involves improving people’s lives in different ways without imposing too much on home owners financially,” Kris said.

“I’m really committed to better sporting infrastructure… and prioritising the myriad of projects that have been proposed in recent years.

“We simply cannot afford to do everything we want to do but I hope we can get started on a couple of big projects.

“I hope to follow in Felicity’s footsteps in terms of successfully getting funds from the state and federal governments for projects we have on the drawing board.”

Kris enters the mayoralty after having served a 14-year apprenticeship in state and local government.

“Two years on Marion Council in the 1990s and subsequently 12 years as an MP have given me a deep knowledge of the opportunities and the problems in the local area,” Kris said.

“It has also given me an insight into how the council works and how we need to relate to the state and federal governments.

“I would not have run for mayor if I had not had those experiences.”

Kris has lived and attended church in the Marion area for nearly 20 years and has been highly active in the local community.

He has served on business and tourism associations, environmental groups, school councils, been patron of cricket and basketballs clubs and he continues to serve on the board of the Victim Support Service.

His decision to run was based on his life-long “commitment to serving the community and to being of service to people”.

“Everything I’ve done since I was a young man has been on that path,” Kris said.

He said he was a passionate “people person” who believed “every single resident in the City of Marion has an amazing story” to tell.

“Many of those people have come from families who have lived locally for generations and many have come recently from overseas,” he said.

“I want to make Marion as welcoming as possible for people regardless of their origin.”

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