Election wrap - Woodlands Ward

Read about Councillors Nick Kerry and Tim Pfeiffer who have been elected to represent Woodlands Ward.

 City Limits Magazine Issue 47 December 2014 front coverThis article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 47 - December 2014.

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A commitment to building on four years of hard work has seen Councillor Tim Pfeiffer elected for a second term on council.

He will be joined by Cr Nick Kerry in Woodlands Ward after former Cr Alice Campbell resigned after one term on council.

Cr Pfeiffer, married with three young children, said he was honoured the community had once again chosen him as their representative.

“It is great to be back.  I have worked hard over the last four years to re-energise and renew our area and I look forward to getting back to work with the new council.  I will continue to tackle the big challenges head on, hunt down opportunities and work alongside the community to kick goals,” he said.

“In addition to basic infrastructure needs, I’m driven to see the City of Marion strive towards having a beautiful environment, a healthy community and a resilient local economy.”

He said his work as a business strategy manager for a large Adelaide-based business helped him bring commercial acumen and a long-term strategic focus to council.

Cr Kerry said a “mood for change” was what helped the self-employed businessman and father of two get elected.

“A commitment to keeping rates low was the key issue for me that resonated with ratepayers,” Cr Kerry said.

“Household water, Emergency Services Levy and electricity bills are increasing and we need to work to reduce council’s part of the burden.”

Cr Kerry said he was a keen cyclist who was committed to developing safe cycling areas in Marion to help reduce the traffic congestion and improve the environment.

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