Warriparinga Brass turns 10

Find out how Warriparinga Brass band has gone from strength to strength.

 City Limits Magazine Issue 47 December 2014 front coverThis article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 47 - December 2014.

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It became obvious a decade ago that one brass band was simply not going to be enough for the City of Marion.

So in 2004, Marion City Band musical director and conductor Veronica Boulton came up with an initiative that would accommodate growing demand and cultivate a new generation of musicians in the district. In August that year, Warriparinga Brass was formed and has been playing ever since.

Warriparinga Brass, which celebrated its 10th birthday this year, started out as a learning and youth band but has grown so much that it's since become a fully-fledged entity and spawned its own learning band.

Its impact on the local community cannot be underestimated. As members graduated to the Marion City Band, Warriparinga Youth was formed and then, as those young musicians developed and more interest arose, the Heaven Brass learning ensemble was created to allow newcomers the chance to get involved.

Warriparinga Brass, which consistently has 25 to 30 members, rehearses once or twice a week, depending on whether it's leading up to an event. It performs about 20 times a year at events ranging from citizenship ceremonies to fun fares, Anzac and Remembrance Day commemorations, Christmas pageants and carols nights, and local and national competitions.

City Limits Magazine - Dec 14 - Issue 47 - Brass BandVeronica said the establishment of Warriparinga Brass, and its structure as a learning band, has had a major flow-on effect to multiply the number of people playing brass instruments. Whereas the Marion City Band once had 14 members at rehearsals, there are now more than 80 across the four bands.

"I thought setting up a youth band, which is what Warriparinga was at the start, would generate interest and it's worked out that way," Veronica said.

"Every member under the age of 19, who rehearses with the other bands, is pulled together for Warriparinga Youth when we go to competitions.

"Many youngsters who have learned to play through Warriparinga have gone on to pursue music scholarships. Every year, I'm writing references for young people seeking scholarships and a career in music.

"The bands have given young people many opportunities to develop. For example, we have a young girl who is a phenomenal tuba player and will become a professional musician without a doubt. Warriparinga has given her that opportunity.

"It's more than just a place where people come to play, there's a social and community atmosphere. Band members have formed strong friendships and we even have a Marion City Band netball team."

Anyone interested in joining Marion City Band, Warriparinga Brass, or the learning band, Heaven Brass, can turn up for Wednesday night rehearsals, held from 5pm, at the Marion RSL Club on Norfolk Road, Marion. 

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