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Read the latest City Limits magazine column by Mayor Kris Hanna.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 50 - December 2015.


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Eight of your 13 Elected Members were not on the previous Council, so since the election a year ago we have been very busy learning about Council programs and finances.  The "new" Council has been in place for a year now so it's a good time to take stock.

There have been significant changes in staffing - this year the CEO, two General Managers and the HR Manager have resigned. We see these changes not as problems but as opportunities for renewal. I have full confidence in our new CEO Mr Skull and his invigorating approach. The Auditor-General will be visiting us shortly and this, too, I see as a great opportunity for scrutiny and improvement.

It has at times been challenging for the new Council to understand the implications of past decisions, but we have had success in three key pursuits: value for residents, openness and  getting things done.

Apart from restraining the rate rise in the new Council's first budget, we have also instituted a series of service reviews. Over the next three years every aspect of Council operations will be scrutinised for efficiency - indeed we will be asking whether some Council activities should continue at all.

Talk of openness is not just rhetoric: In December we release more documents from the confidential archives than ever before in Council's history.

Planning is proceeding well in respect of our aspirations to rejuvenate and add to our sporting facilities. More on that next year!

Enjoy the end of year festivities!


Mayor Kris Hanna