Have fun in the pool – and stay safe

Read important safety information about backyard pools.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 50 - December 2015.


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Summer is here and backyard pools are busy with people cooling off and having fun.

While we want people to enjoy themselves in their pools, we also want them to be safe. This article outlines some important safety tips and regulations for pool owners and users.     

Maintaining pool fencing

Regularly test and adjust gates around pools to ensure they self-close and self-latch. Test gates from fully and partially opened positions to make sure they close whatever the level of force applied.

Gates must be secured so that they cannot be pulled open when latched.

Check that fence panels are secure and fix wear and tear, such as rusty or missing screws.

Also check that gaps underneath and at the sides of fences do not exceed 10cm and that the ground is solid - no garden beds or lawn.

Climbable objects, including pots, outdoor furniture and barbecues should be kept away from the pool fence. Cut back trees and shrubs so there are no branches that can be climbed within 90cm of a fence.

Pool aids and toys should be stored securely out of view.  

Supervising children

Adults should always supervise young children near water. Don’t leave older children to supervise younger children.

It’s a good idea to designate a child supervisor if you’re having a party.

Remember that owners of pools or spas have an obligation to supervise children on their property, whether or not the pools or spas are in use. 

Spas and inflatable pools

Outdoor and indoor spas require Council approval and must be fenced as if they are a new pool (this does not apply to spas in residential bathrooms).

Inflatable pools that can be filled to a height of 30cm or more must also be fenced. They may require Council approval if they contain a filtration system.

If a swim spa or inflatable pool is not adequately fenced, Council is empowered to have it emptied.

If you are considering building a pool or purchasing a spa or inflatable pool, please contact City of Marion’s Development Services for advice on 8375 6685.








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