Councillors' views - Nathan Prior

Read the latest City Limits Magazine column by Councillor Nathan Prior.

  This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 50 - December 2015.


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Some large changes are underway in the City of Marion, the most significant of which is the Darlington road upgrade and related works. These are likely to increase traffic issues around our ward.

A solution to traffic congestion at Oaklands Crossing needs to be found and Council will be trying to get the message across to our State and Federal politicians to address this problem.

As someone who drives across the intersection twice almost every day, mostly during peak hour, the delays there are a problem I can certainly identify with.

On a more energetic note, if you haven’t seen the new skate park next to the Oaklands Wetland, I highly recommend wandering past sometime. Even if you don’t skate/blade/scoot/ride, it is still worth a look to see the talent that exists in our neighbourhood. Some of the younger kids are going to have some serious skills in the near future.

Another special interest of mine is energy efficiency and solar power generation. We have some ground breaking discussions coming up and I am genuinely excited to see the possibilities unfolding for Marion Council. This evolving area has the potential for significant savings for Marion. 

I would like to wish everyone all the best for the festive season and the New Year.

Councillor Nathan Prior