The verdict on Cove Civic Centre

Find out what people had to say about the new Cove Civic Centre.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 49 - August 2015.

City Limits Magazine Issue 49 2015 Front Cover

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Absolutely amazing - that’s the verdict of visitors who streamed into Cove Civic Centre following its official opening.

Brooke Pitts travelled with her two children Tegan, 5, and Logan, 3, from Camden Park to join the festivities and was impressed with what she saw.

“I love how spacious and bright it is inside even on a cloudy day such as this,” Mrs Pitts said.

“We’ll be visiting as a family for years to come; the children will grow up at the Cove Civic Centre.

“It’s just an absolutely amazing building.”

David Gilbert, of Sheidow Park, said he enjoyed the convenience of such a modern complex on his doorstep.

“The range of books, DVDs and CDs is really broad. There is something for everyone here,” Mr Gilbert said.

His children, Lily, 10, and Charley, 7, agreed, saying the library was “stacked with our favourite books”.

Kym Rampling said he had lived in Hallett Cove since 1982 when the site was just an open paddock.

“It has taken a long time but it’s finally here,” Mr Rampling said.

“The community halls, meeting rooms and computers will be well used by everyone in the area.

“I’m just really excited that it’s been built.”

Marlene Carrison, of Sheidow Park, said: “It’s a fantastic building and we cannot wait to spend time here”.

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