Artwork for Cove Civic Centre

Read about the multimedia art installation at Cove Civic Centre.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 49 - August 2015.

City Limits Magazine Issue 49 2015 Front Cover

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Visitors to the Cove Civic Centre will see – and hear - an innovative artwork based on the natural landscape of Hallett Cove.

The audio visual production includes filtered vision of water flowing over rocks and specially processed sounds of water and wind at Hallett Cove. 

The vision has been filmed on a camera capable of shooting 5000 frames per second, making it possible to slow images down so that six seconds of film is extended to 16 minutes of footage.

The artwork, which is displayed on six screens and through a projector, is entitled Hallett Cove, One Million Years, and was created byAdelaide artist Stephen Whittington.

Mr Whittington, who led the creative team, said he hoped the artwork gave people a better understanding of nature and time.

“We hope (the artwork) will make people appreciate and understand the processes of nature that have created the unique environment at Hallett Cove,” he said.

“A million years is unthinkably long for a human being, but as far as nature is concerned it is quite a short period.”

It would take up to five years to view the entire video.

The installation supported by the South Australian Government’s Arts SA Public Art and Design Major Commission Fund. 



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