Honey I shrunk the bin

Find out how a woman reduced her garbage to almost nothing.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 49 - August 2015.

City Limits Magazine Issue 49 2015 Front Cover

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Two years ago Veronique Perrin decided to shrink her garbage.

Within the space of a few months, the red bin sat empty and unused thanks to her commitment to recycling, composting and buying items with little or no packaging.

In addition to protecting the environment, she is now eating healthier and saving money.

“Reading about changing climate made us want to do more to protect the environment by reducing household waste,” Veronique said.

“My husband and I now compost organics, recycle responsibly, buy fresh seasonal food and avoid packaged items, which is saving money.

“What we throw away every two months is the size of a miniature desktop bin, and we’ve reduced what we put into the recycling bin by 80 per cent.”

Veronique said anyone trying to minimise household waste should take note of what they put in their bins, review their consumption habits and research recycling.

Veronique Perrin was a guest presenter at the City of Marion’s Common Thread sustainability education event at the Marion Cultural Centre in July.




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