Wetland water to flow at bowls club

Read about how water treated at Oaklands Wetland will soon be used to irrigate bowling greens.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 50 - December 2015.


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Water bills will be cut at two local bowls clubs thanks to stormwater treated at Oaklands Wetland.

Ascot Park and Marion bowling clubs are set to be connected to the wetland’s distribution network in time to irrigate the greens during the summer season.

The Ascot Park club is expected to save about 20 per cent on its $15,000 annual water bill, while it’s estimated Marion will shave a similar amount off its annual bill of $10,000.  

Treasurer of Ascot Park Bowling Club Graham Warren said he was delighted the club had a new source of water.   

“We’re excited to be connected to the Oaklands Wetland network which will help us keep the greens healthy and save money,” Mr Warren said.

“It’s especially good news coming into summer when we traditionally use more water.”

An estimated 50 megalitres of stormwater treated at Oaklands Wetland will be fed through a network of pipes to irrigate Council reserves and parks this summer.

The two bowling clubs will bring the total number of sites irrigated via the wetland to seven, with that figure expected to rise to 31 over the coming years.

Find out how to join in social or competitive bowls on the
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