Event to welcome new arrivals

Find out about a special event to make new arrivals from overseas feel part of the community.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 50 - December 2015.


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When Paul and Tabitha Wambugu migrated to Australia from Kenya in October 2012 they had no friends and were struggling to settle in their new country.

One year later they joined more than 100 new arrivals from countries as diverse as Afghanistan, India and Ireland at a Welcome to Australia event run by St Elizabeth’s Church in Oaklands Park and found themselves playing backyard cricket, shooting hoops and striking up conversations with strangers.

For Mr Wambugu, who trained as a teacher before coming to Australia to build a better life for his family, this was a turning point.

“People made us feel part of the community and I suddenly felt like we weren’t alone,” Mr Wambugu said. 

“Our children weren’t with us at the time, so it was difficult to feel at home and make friends. 

“Australia is a wonderful country and I’m now studying social work so I can put something back into the community.”

Migrants and refugees are invited to the next Welcome to Australia event on Saturday, December 12 which starts at 5pm at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre before moving on to St Elizabeth’s Church and Dwyer Rd Reserve.

Activities are free and include swimming and come and try cricket, Australian Rules Football, soccer and a barbecue with Halal and vegetarian options. 

Representatives from local sports clubs will be on hand to talk to guests and show them how to join a team.

Bookings are not required. New arrivals from all countries are welcome to come to the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre at 5pm with family and friends.  

For more information, contact Adam Luscombe at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre on 8198 0198 or Christine O’Nyons from St Elizabeth’s Church on 8296 6555.

  • Welcome to Australia
    Saturday 12 December
    5pm – 6.30pm
    SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre
    443 Morphett Rd, Oaklands Park

    6.30pm – 8pm
    St Elizabeth’s Church/Dwyer Rd Reserve
    12 Dwyer Rd, Oaklands Park






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