Councillors' views - Tim Gard

Read the latest City Limits Magazine column by Councillor Tim Gard.

 This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 50 - December 2015


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Dear Residents,

What a great library, community and enterprise centre we now have in Coastal Ward. Cove Civic Centre really is a beauty and will serve many sectors of our community well, from our little guys, especially through the sparkling new library, to large businesses. A hearty pat on the back once more to all who contributed to producing this stunning 'prize' for our region.

I was really chuffed to launch the Hallett Cove Business Association at the Cove Civic Centre on behalf of the Mayor.  Thanks to our many guests. One quickly sensed that this long overdue association was going to be a terrific boon for businesses far and wide. The regular meetings are a great medium for networking, and remember too the all-important sociaI benefits.

The centre deserves a visit to learn how much it can serve your lives and livelihoods. I reckon meeting places where we help each other are the mortar between the bricks of any community.

Meanwhile I'm batting like Bradman for better street-scaping, starting with Coastal Ward's poorly endowed suburb of Marino. This is a great investment and, hey, we want to look like we're expecting someone, don't we?

Finally, I successfully put a motion to Council to start looking for more ways of cost sharing with other Councils. I like the idea of taking the pressure off our rates, don't you?

Now make sure you have a very safe and happy festive season and I'll definitely look forward to catching up with more of you in the New Year.

Councillor Tim Gard