Councillors' views - Nick Kerry

Read the latest City Limits Magazine column by Councillor Nick Kerry.

  This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 50 - December 2015.


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The newly elected Council has continued to work hard to find savings.

I will continue to keep my election promise of "keeping rates low" and never vote for a rates hike above CPI.

Even though Council has forecast borrowings increasing up to $25.1 million by 30 June, 2016, prudent financial management by Elected Members means Council currently only has a debt of $11.9 million. This has enabled us to make thousands of dollars of savings in interest payments on behalf of our ratepayers.  We have worked hard to be prudent and efficient and will continue to do so.

It should be noted that in the past Council has had the capacity to fund some, and in a number of cases, all, funding requirements of major projects via our treasury management policy. As such there may not be a need to borrow the full $25.1 million currently forecast in the 2015/16 Annual Business Plan & Budget.

With continued increases in the Emergency Services Levy, increases in energy bills and water bills, as well as media talk on increasing the GST to 15%, the residents of Marion cannot afford Council rate rises between 4 to 5%, which was the case with the last Council.

We only had a rate rise of 2.9% for 2014/15, which I think is still too high!

I will always continue to vote against projects that waste ratepayers’ money.

I wish all the residents of Marion a merry Christmas and prosperous year in 2016.

C ouncillor Nick Kerry