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  This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 49 - August 2015.


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During the First World War, 207 individuals from the Edwardstown district enlisted for service. Of this group, many never returned and numerous bravery awards were issued. 

After the war, local residents decided that something needed to be done to honour those from our area who had bravely enlisted to fight for their country. Local community members reached into their own pockets to develop the Edwardstown Memorial Oval and commission an honour board. 

The Edwardstown Honour Board was hand carved by local Edwardstown coach builder, Pengelly (who also built the 'red rattler' trams). It was one of the most ornate honour boards in existence.

It was proudly displayed for decades in the Edwardstown Institute. In the 1980s, the Edwardstown Institute was demolished. However prior to demolition, the honour board was removed - the legend of the missing honour board has circulated through older locals ever since. 

However, in very exciting recent news, a local, dedicated, amateur historian has found the original honour board at the Warradale Barracks.  

Edwardstown Memorial Oval and the Edwardstown Honour Board both memorialise the same 207 people, however the honour board has never resided at the oval.  

Council has recently endorsed a motion to discuss with Warradale Barracks the possibility of one day bringing this valuable piece of our local history back onto public display as the centrepiece of a redeveloped Edwardstown Memorial Oval.

This is an important piece of our local history.  As a society, we must understand our history in order to define our future.  

Councillor Tim Pfeiffer