Our community cares for Oaklands Wetland

A wetland needs calm water, healthy plants and native animals to function properly. Our community values Oaklands Wetland, its wildlife and the green open spaces which the wetland can supply water to.

Our community shows it cares by doing the things below.


We keep our dogs on leads and stick to the designated areas

This allows young plants to grow, keeps our wildlife safe and prevents the water from being stirred up.

The City of Marion introduced new by-laws in January 2015 that make it compulsory to have dogs on leads at a wetland.

There are a number of nearby parks where you can take your dog to run off a lead, such as Oaklands Reserve and Hazelmere Reserve. Dogs need to be on a lead when they are within 5 metres of play equipment.


We let ducks and water birds find their own food

Please enjoy watching ducks and water birds while allowing them to find their own food.

Many of us have often enjoyed feeding wildlife such as ducks. It’s been a popular way to get up close with nature, entertain the kids or just to soak up some quiet time.

Why we shouldn't feed ducks and birds

We now know that feeding wildlife can be harmful to them because:

  • Bread is unhealthy for birds as it can cause poor nutrition and make them sick.
  • It encourages unnatural and aggressive behaviour, and favours non-native species.
  • It may contribute to overpopulation and water quality problems overtime.

Although there are other foods such as pellets, peas and grapes which they can eat, ducks can live longer and healthier lives by eating aquatic plants, seeds, grasses and insects found naturally.

Other ways to enjoy wildlife

There are many ways to continue enjoying nature at Oaklands Wetland.

  • Watch the ducks forage naturally.
  • Go for a walk along the paths.
  • Sit quietly on a log and enjoy the view.

To get up close with animals through hand feeding, consider visiting the Adelaide Zoo’s Farmyard Contact Area or Cleland Wildlife Park.

For more information, visit the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Feeding Wildlife webpage.

Please don't feed ducks

The below video explains why feeding ducks is bad for them. Thanks to Tea Tree Gully Council for letting us share this video.


We leave model boating for elsewhere

Model boating can pollute the water and prevent it from settling, meaning the wetland can’t clean the water properly.

It is against the law to use a model boat at any wetland in the City of Marion without a permit. As Oaklands Wetland is a stormwater treatment facility, the City of Marion will not issue any permits to operate model boats there.


We leave fishing for elsewhere

Fishing at Oaklands Wetland is not permitted. The wetland is a stormwater treatment facility and consuming its fish may harm people's health.

Pest species are removed by council as they compete with native fish, which are an important part of the ecosystem because they eat insects. Some pests such as carp can stir up the water, preventing the water from being treated.

To request a permit to fish at another wetland please contact the City of Marion.


We support the Friends of Sturt River Landcare

The Friends of Sturt River Landcare has adopted Oaklands Wetland as its first project and was instrumental in planting 7700 native trees, shrubs and grasses to create a biodiversity corridor since the wetland opened.

The group is always on the lookout for more volunteers, to find out more email friendsofsturtriver@gmail.com


More information

For more information on Oaklands Wetland, visit our Oaklands Wetland webpage.