Park and Playground Upgrades

2016/2017 playground upgrades

The City of Marion upgrades a number of parks and playgrounds in the council area each year as part of our Play Space (Playgrounds) Strategy to ensure the community’s playspaces are well-designed, well-located, safe and fun for users.

Community engagement

We undertake community consultation on what people would like to see in the playspace upgrades. We then use your ideas to develop draft concept designs for each of the sites. The draft designs are then presented to you for final feedback.

Visit our dedicated community consultation website Making Marion for more information about how you can help design our parks and playgrounds.


2016/2017 upgrades

The parks and playgrounds currently going through an upgrade process include:


2015/2016 upgrades


2014/2015 upgrades


2013/2014 upgrades


2012/2013 upgrades


2011/2012 upgrades


2010/2011 upgrades

Download the Map of Upgraded Playgrounds(1249 kb) to check out new playgrounds in your area that were upgraded in 2010/2011.