The word 'policy' may mean different things to different people. In general, it's a guiding or governing principle.

The City of Marion has defined a policy as: The overall intentions and direction of the organisation.

A 'Governance Policy' is defined using all of the following criteria:

  1. It is a governing principle that mandates or constrains actions.
  2. It is a requirement under statutory legislation (e.g. Local Government Act) or sets strategic direction for the Council as a whole (rather than service related).
  3. It helps ensure compliance and enhances the Council's mission.
  4. It effects elected members individually or as a whole council, external customers and/or more than one department.
  5. It will change infrequently and sets a course for the foreseeable future.
  6. It is approved by the Council.

One of the most important roles Council has is to participate in making policy and decisions on behalf of the community. An essential part of policy making is identifying community needs, setting objectives to meet those needs, establishing priorities between competing demands and allocating resources.

Policies adopted by the City of Marion:

pdf Access to Legal Advice For Elected Members(167 kb)

pdf Asset Accounting Policy(82 kb)

pdf Asset Management Policy(108 kb)

pdf Audit Committee Policy and Terms of Reference(103 kb)

pdf Budget Policy(92 kb)

pdf Building and Swimming Pool Inspection Policy(150 kb)

pdf Business Continuity Management Policy(337 kb)

pdf Caretaker Policy(124 kb)

pdf City Limits Publications Policy(97 kb)

pdf Climate Change Policy(219 kb)

pdf Code of Practice - Access to Council Meeting and Documents(221 kb)

pdf Code of Practice Procedures at Council Meetings 2017/18(104 kb)

pdf Community Awards and Recognition Policy(98 kb)

pdf Community Engagement Policy(164 kb)

pdf Community Garden Policy(124 kb)

pdf Complaints and Grievance Policy(226 kb)

pdf Complaints and Grievance Procedure(225 kb)

pdf Customer Service(68 kb)

pdf Disposal of Land and Assets Policy(109 kb)

pdf Donations and Sponsorships Policy and Application Form(286 kb)

pdf Economic Development Policy(118 kb)

pdf Elected Member Code of Conduct(33 kb)

pdf Elected Member Code of Conduct - Procedure for Investigating Complaints(319 kb)

pdf Elected Member Expenses, Benefits, Support and Facilities Policy(139 kb)

pdf Elected Member Records Management Policy(77 kb)

pdf Elected Members Publications Policy(97 kb)

pdf Election Signs - General Approval Guidelines(53 kb)

pdf Enforcement Policy(258 kb)

pdf Equal Opportunity Discrimination Harassment & Workplace Bullying Policy(128 kb)

pdf Fees and Charges Policy(78 kb)

pdf Fraud and Corruption Policy(41 kb)

pdf General Environmental Policy(98 kb)

pdf How We Work Together Policy(215 kb)

pdf How We Work Together Procedure(322 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy(242 kb)

pdf Information Management - Provision and Use of Equipment (Elected Members)(87 kb)

pdf Internet and Email Access and Usage Policy(102 kb)

pdf Investment(75 kb)

pdf Leasing and Licensing of Council Owned Facilities Policy(368 kb)

pdf Liquor Licence Applications Policy(243 kb)

pdf Marion Library Service Customer Condiditons of Use Policy(171 kb)

pdf Memorial Policy(443 kb)

pdf Open Space Policy(362 kb)

pdf Order-Making Authority(74 kb)

pdf Petition Form(158 kb)

pdf Petition Policy(392 kb)

pdf Privately Funded Development Plan Amendments Policy(125 kb)

pdf Procurement and Contractor Management Policy(160 kb)

pdf Professional Development - Elected Members(34 kb)

pdf Prudential Management Policy(44 kb)

pdf Rating Policy(174 kb)

pdf Replacement and Removal of Trees and Shrubs Policy(59 kb)

pdf Reserve Funds Policy(95 kb)

pdf Risk Management Policy(80 kb)

pdf Roads Opening and Closing(73 kb)

pdf Schedule of Delegations October 2017(6071 kb)

pdf Sister Cities Policy(99 kb)

pdf Social Media Policy(97 kb)

pdf Staff Code of Conduct Policy(32 kb)

pdf Streetscape Policy June 2016(282 kb)

pdf Temporary Signs and Banners Application(59 kb)

pdf Treasury Management Policy(607 kb)

pdf Tree Management Framework(5404 kb)

pdf Tree Management Policy(113 kb)

pdf Vacancy Management Policy(92 kb)

pdf Whistleblower Policy(78 kb)