Caretaker Period
City of Marion observes caretaker conventions related to the upcoming Council Election. During Caretaker Period, we will apply our Caretaker Policy while continuing the business-as-usual operations of the organisation.
Caretaker Policy
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Council candidates

Following the close of nominations and draw to determine the positions of the candidates names on the ballot papers the following candidates are announced.

Further information and details on candidates is available on the Electoral Commission of South Australia's website.

Mayoral Election

  • HULL, Bruce William
  • MIDZI, Jaison
  • HANNA, Kris

Mullawirra Ward

  • SINGH, Amar
  • VELISKOU, Jason
  • GOLDING, Les

Woodlands Ward

  • KUMAR, Johar
  • THOMPSON, Julian
  • HOFFMANN, Jayne
  • MORRISON, Emma
  • MASIKA, Joseph
  • LITHGOW, Kirsty Lyn
  • STASINOWSKY, Andrew James
  • PERRY, Nick
  • PHILLIPS, Warren John

Warracowie Ward

  • BROAD, Bradley
  • PRIOR, Nathan John
  • TAYLOR, Matt
  • SETHI, Jagjit
  • METEVELIS, Chris
  • APPLEBY, Jerome David
  • RAJE, Sanjay Madhukar
  • THIPTHORP, Chris

Warriparinga Ward

  • PORTWAY, Peter
  • LAMA, Renuka
  • TELFER, Raelene
  • BARBARA, Anne

Coastal Ward

  • LUSCOMBE, Sarah
  • LERWILL, Fleur
  • DERER, Blake
  • DUNN, Peter
  • PARKIN, Jonathan

Southern Hills Ward

  • SHILLING, Matthew
  • NAISMITH, Luke
  • MATES, Jana Ruth
  • DUNCAN, Maggie May