Caretaker Period
City of Marion observes caretaker conventions related to the upcoming Council Election. During Caretaker Period, we will apply our Caretaker Policy while continuing the business-as-usual operations of the organisation.
Caretaker Policy
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Nominate as a candidate

Becoming a councillor or mayor means you will help shape a wide range of policies and decisions that will impact the short and long-term future of your local community.

With very few exceptions (such as being an undischarged bankrupt or being disqualified from holding office by a court order), you can nominate for a position on council regardless of qualifications, religion, race, gender, experience or profession.

In fact, councils actively encourage nominations from people from diverse backgrounds to ensure that a wide range of views are being represented.

If you are interested in representing the people of your community on council, the Electoral Commission of SA and the Local Government Association (LGA SA) provide a range of resources to help you understand the role and responsibilities of being a councillor.

Nomination Procedures:

Nominations are open until 12 noon Tuesday 6 September.

Nominations for the 2022 Councils Elections open at 9:00 am Tuesday 23 August and close at 12 noon, Tuesday 6 September. You can submit your nomination online through the Electoral Commission of SA's (ECSA) candidate portal (

You are encouraged to read all documents available in the Nomination Kit ( to assist you in your nomination process as a candidate for your local council. The information in this kit will help you to understand the role of a council member, the election process, and how you can nominate to be on council.

Refer to the Electoral Commission SA website for eligibility criteria.


For campaigning advice, rules and regulations, see the LGA South Australia's campaigning guidelines.

As a candidate, you have a range of important responsibilities and obligations under the law. These include making sure all electoral material you publish contains the proper authorisation statement, and that the material is not inaccurate and misleading.

All candidates, whether successful or not, must lodge a campaign donations return within 30 days of the conclusion of the election.

More information about your legal responsibilities as a candidate is available in the candidate handbook available closer to the election.

Campaign signage

As a result of the Local Government Review Act, ‘electoral advertising posters’ relating to local government elections are now prohibited “on a public road (including any structure, fixture or vegetation on a public road)."

Consequently, corflute elections signs cannot be affixed to stobie poles, traffic signs, trees, etc along a public road. The maximum penalty is $5,000. Council authorised officers are entitled to enforce this section of the Local Government Act 1999.

The Candidate Election Signs Fact Sheet below provides further details on Elections Signs for Local Government Elections:

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