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Voting in a Council Election

All voting in council elections is by postal ballot. Enrolled voters will receive a voting package directly through the mail including ballot paper and a reply-paid envelope.

Ballot papers will be delivered to the enrolled address from Friday 14 October 2022 up until Thursday 20 October 2022.

Your ballot papers must be completed and received by the Electoral Commission of SA by 5 pm, Thursday 10 November 2022.

An individual with more than one property in different wards can vote in each ward election, which is something to keep in mind if you own a business or multiple properties within the City of Marion area.

  • Residents/Individuals - It’s important to make sure the declaration is signed by the person whose name appears on the ballot pack.
  • Resident/Business owner - In the instance that you qualify as both a resident and a business owner in the City of Marion, you should use the resident ballot and allow someone else involved in the management of the business to exercise that vote on the business’ behalf.
  • Body Corporate - In the City of Marion elections, an officer of a body corporate is entitled to vote on behalf of the body corporate, as opposed to a nominated person as is the case for all other Councils. An officer of a body corporate means a director, manager, company secretary or public officer of the body corporate and includes any other person who takes part in the management of the affairs of the body corporate.
  • Groups - A member of that group or an officer of a body corporate that is a member of the group can vote.

To find out more on how to vote, what’s included in the voting packs and how to complete and return your ballot papers, please visit Electoral Commission of SA’s Voting in council elections page.

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