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Community & Youth Grants Committee


The Community & Youth Grants Committee is established for the purpose of:

  • Reviewing and recommending to Council the distribution of Grant Funding allocated for Community Grants and Youth Grants.
  • Ensuring the City of Marion’s Grant Process supports Councils Community Vision and Strategic Plan objectives.
  • Ensuring the Community Grants Program supports not-for-profit incorporated (or auspiced) groups to establish and undertake projects or activities that are beneficial for the community.
  • Ensuring the Youth Grants Program supports the not-for-profit sector to deliver well-managed and relevant projects, programs and activities whilst strengthening connections for young people in our community.

Membership of the Grants Committee will comprise a total of six (6) members being three Council Members per round as determined below, two staff members and the General Manager City Services as Chair.

Council Member Representation on the Committee is comprised of:

Round 1 Community and Youth Grants 2024-2025.

Councillor Nathan Prior, Councillor Amar Singh and Councillor Jana Mates

Round 2 Community and Youth Grants 2024-2025.

Councillor Jason Veliskou, Councillor Matt Taylor and Councillor Sarah Luscombe

Round 1 Community and Youth Grants 2025-2026.

Councillor Ian Crossland, Councillor Renuka Lama and Councillor Jayne Hoffman

Round 2 Community and Youth Grants 2025-2026.

Councillor Joseph Masika, Councillor Raelene Telfer and Councillor Luke Naismith


The Committee will meet at least twice per year with the time and place for the conduct of meetings to be determined by the Committee.

Dates will be listed below once determined.

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Meeting DateDownload
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