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Expression of Interest - 262 Sturt Road, Marion

The City of Marion is seeking Requests for Proposals for the future use of land at 262 Sturt Road, Marion through the development of a community/recreational facility. The proposals should consider alternative services, amenities and facilities at the site that will not only improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of the City of Marion, but also complement the existing community facilities surrounding the site.

The site is a prominent parcel of land of approximately 8910sqm within the City of Marion portfolio that is currently under-utilised and is considered to be a strategic asset for delivering recreational/community outcomes to the residents.

Formally included as part of the Marion Sports and Community Club (Club Marion), the site is currently occupied by the Marion Croquet Club.

The City of Marion encourages its community based organisations and clubs to submit a proposal for consideration by Council.


Why is the City of Marion seeking an expression of interest for the land at 262 Sturt Road, Marion (the site of the Croquet Club)?
  • The EOI has been prompted by an unsolicited proposal to construct a recreational facility on the land at 262 Sturt Road, Marion.
  • It is proposed that the development would be built on land currently occupied by the Croquet Club.
  • For commercial reasons, Council is unable to name the developer or outline the proposal.
Does the site need to be redeveloped?
  • The existing site is under-utilised and is considered to be a strategic asset for delivering recreational/community outcomes to the local residents. The Expression of Interest presents an opportunity for Council and the community to recognise the potential of the site.
Why go through an Expression of Interest process?
  • An open and competitive EOI will test the market to determine the degree of interest in developing the site for recreational/ community An EOI will ensure the process is transparent and open to recreational and community proposals. Clubs and community organisations within the City of Marion are encouraged to apply.
When will the Expression of Interest be open for proposals?
  • The Expression of Interest opened on Tuesday 6 June 2018 and will close at 2pm on 12 July 2018.
Where can the Expression of Interest be found?
  • Tender information is available Tenders SA website
  • Reference: Expression of Interest for land use CT5794/420 (262 Sturt Road)

Who is the key contact for the Expression of Interest?
  • The key contact for the Expression of Interest is Tim Hoggan. Tim’s contact details are:


Phone: 8375 6717

What will happen to the Croquet Club located at that site?
  • The Croquet Club is encouraged to submit a proposal for the site. Should an alternative proposal be successful, the City of Marion will work with the Croquet Club to identify alternative premises.
Will Council consider proposals that are not community or recreational facilities?
  • No.  Only proposals that provide recreational or community facilities will be considered for future use of the site.

The site is zoned Community Use and will only allow the site to be used for community purposes.

How will the proposals be assessed?
  • The Proposals will be assessed on their community and economic output to the City of Marion. The Proposals must demonstrate the site will be activated and viable in the long term.
Does Council have to proceed with any expression of interest?
  • No.  The process is subject to council approval.
  • The final decision on whether to proceed or not with a development is many months away and will most likely be made by the new Council after the local government elections in November.

Will community be consulted on any plans for the site?
  • The community is required to be consulted before any decision is made on the future of the site.
When will Elected Members see the shortlisted proponent(s)?
  • Elected Members will meet on 28 August 2018.
What are the next steps once the proposals have been shortlisted?
  • Shortlisted proponent(s) will be requested to prepare full business cases for Council to further assess and consider the long term viability of the proposal at the site.
How will you manage car parking?
  • The proposals must outline the provisions for onsite car parking and traffic management solutions to access the site from Sturt Road.
When will we see something happening onsite?
  • It is not known at this stage. Proposals submitted as part of the Expression of Interest process will outline the time frames which Council will consider as part of the evaluation process.
What are the milestones for the Expression of Interest?

Expression of Interest – released to the open market - 6 June 2018

Expression of Interest process closes - 12 July 2018

Evaluation of respondents - July / August 2018

Council to consider preferred shortlisted proposal(s) - 28 August 2018

Shortlisted proponent(s) advised that they have progressed to Stage Two - Full Business Case - Early September 2018

Council Elections (caretaker period to polling day) - 18 September to 10 November

Stage Two – Full Business Case closes - TBD

Council considers the full business case for the proposed use and/or development of the site - TBD

Do you have a query?

For any further information about the Expression of Interest process, please contact:

Carla Zub
Project Manager Strategic Projects