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Expression of Interest - 287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park (Current location of MCC)

Marion Council has committed to retaining the Marion Cultural Centre for all the community to enjoy.

On 27 November 2018, Council made the following decision:

  1. Council guarantees the retention of the Current Marion Cultural Centre building and its services.
  2. However, Council still has the ability to undertake any complementary renewal, enhancements and extensions (of the current Marion Cultural Centre) provided that this is undertaken with appropriate prior consultation with users and the community.

The decision ends any proposal for further redevelopment on the site.


In June 2018, the City of Marion announced it was seeking expressions of interest (EOI) to build a major hotel at Oaklands Park.    The EOI was prompted by an unsolicited inquiry to redevelop the site currently occupied by the Marion Cultural Centre into an international standard hotel. The EOI closed on 21 August 2018.

An Evaluation Panel was formed to assess the proposals submitted. Council received four proposals and considered them at confidential Council meeting on the 11 September 2018.

Following the local government elections in 2018, Council met on 27 November where it resolved to guarantee the retention of the Marion Cultural Centre in its current format, noting Council may wish  to undertake any complementary renewal, enhancements and extensions.