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Castle Plaza

Council has been considering a proposed extension to the existing Castle Plaza Shopping Centre and the development of commercial and residential uses on the former Hills Industry site, and the redesign of the local road network, whilst taking advantage of the proximity to public transport (bus and train).

The subject land comprises of the existing Castle Plaza Shopping Centre and the former Hills Industry site on the northern side of Raglan Avenue.

The proposal requires the rezoning of the Hills site from an “industry zone” to a “mixed use zone” in order to facilitate the development of the intended uses. Council has been undertaking a “Development Plan Amendment” (DPA) process (process to rezone the land) which has involved consultation with the public and the relevant government agencies.

In summary, the proposal envisages the following:

  • A mixed use zone facilitating the redevelopment and expansion of the existing shopping centre into a more intensely developed, compact and vibrant “mixed use activity centre” with a focus on integration with public transport.
  • Inclusion of a range of appropriate and compatible commercial, cultural, civic and community uses.
  • Shops along street facades with “active frontages” at street level to provide a sense of vitality.
  • Provision for higher density housing (both stand alone and above compatible commercial and retail uses).
  • Creation of a network of pedestrian and cycle paths to provide ease of movement through the area for non-vehicular modes of travel.
  • A new connector road between Raglan Avenue and Ackland Street to provide a more direct connection to the Edward Street/South Road intersection.
  • The creation of a ”main street” environment at the eastern end of Raglan Avenue, which calms the traffic flow and is significantly more welcoming for pedestrians to use and stay in.
  • Creation of high quality open space and public plaza areas, incorporating landscaping, street furniture and public art, for people to socialise and enjoy.
  • A possible future train station located adjacent the area at Raglan Avenue.
  • Creation of a new character for the locality with high quality contemporary architectural styles at greater density, scale and height.

Contamination on the former Hills site has been re-mediated so that the land is suitable for the intended uses.

An amended version of the DPA was endorsed by Council on 25 July 2017.

The DPA has been forwarded to the Minister for planning for consideration and endorsement.