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Oaklands Precinct Upgrade

To complement the Oaklands Crossing Project the City of Marion is working on an exciting project for Oaklands that will significantly improve connectivity to Marion Regional Centre. The project is supported by matched funding of $867,500 Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

The project will achieve multiple benefits including;

• Enhanced streetscapes

• Better pedestrian and cyclist movement

• Creation of a larger public park at Dwyer Road Reserve with new playground and amenities

• Technologies that enhance the local community and visitor experience of the project.

Council have endorsed a capital works program 2019-2022. The following projects have been identified;


Design and community consultation (financial year)

Construction (financial year)

Dwyer Road Reserve2018-20192019-2020
Diagonal Way to (Dwyer Rd to Crew St.)2018-20202020-2021
Diagonal Road (Crew St. to Trott Grove)2020-20212021-2022
Addison Avenue (Southern verge Morphett Rd to Ailsa Ave)2021-20222021-2022
Murray Tce (Northern verge Morphett Rd to Barry Ave)2021-20222021-2022
Railway Tce (Northern verge Diagonal Rd to First Ave)2020-20212020-2021
Crozier Tce (Southern verge Dwyer Rd to Kearnes Rd)2021-20222021-2022

August 2019 Project Update - proposed closure of Diagonal Way

Council will receive a report in October 2019 on the proposed permanent road closure consultation.

Consultation material will be sent out this week for those properties directly effected with letters distributed to them. Please refer to the local Messenger for further details or view Making Marion for further information on FAQs

This consultation will run from Wednesday 28 August, closing 25th September 2019

July Project Update

Community consultation closed May 24th 2019 on Oaklands Community Connection to Marion Regional Centre concept, which includes Dwyer Road Reserve and proposed Diagonal Way Road Closure.

A copy of the concept design can be viewed below

A copy of the consultation finding report can be viewed below

Council recently received the consultation findings June 2019 resolving the following.

Oaklands Community Connections Consultation (proposed Diagonal Way Road Closure and Dwyer Road Reserve)

Report Reference: GC190625R20

Moved Councillor - Nathan Prior Seconded Councillor - Ian Crossland

That council:

1. Notes the community consultation feedback received on the concept design for the proposed Diagonal Way road closure and Dwyer Road Reserve.

2. Notes correspondence from the Commissioner of Highways, confirming Diagonal Way is issued Section 26(2) of the Highways Act 1926, currently under care and control of Council and no approval is required to commence the road closure process.

3. Authorises the commencement of the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991 process to close the section of Diagonal Way Oaklands Park between the northern boundary of 10 Diagonal Way and the southern boundary of the intersection of Crozier Terrace and Dwyer Road Oaklands Park in accordance with the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991 which requires:

- Preparation of a preliminary plan

- Preparation of a statement of affected parties and

- Undertaking of public consultation

4. Resolves that the road closed pursuant to the Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991 is to be merged with Lot 94 in Filed Plan 147328 (comprised in Certificate of Title Volume 5854 Folio 339) for Dwyer Road Reserve.

5. Notes a further report will be tabled to consider the outcome of the community consultation for the road closure and to seek authorisation to submit the documentation with the Surveyor General to formally close the road.

6. Resolves to temporarily close Diagonal Way (Section 32 Road Traffic Act 1961) for vehicle traffic as illustrated in attachment 5, until Council resolve the permanent proposal pursuant to Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991.