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Our top 4 pool safety tips

Thursday 09 Dec 2021
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Pool safety

Summer is a great time when we many people start enjoying water and pool activities. Many toddlers are curious, eager to explore their surroundings and are naturally attracted to water. But they don’t understand that water can be dangerous as they are not old enough to appreciate the dangers associated with water.

Even with safety measure in place, parents and guardians should take year-round precautions to keep young children safe around water.

With summer here, it is a good time to revisit some safety tips to ensure your swimming pool stays a safe zone.

1. Always supervise children

Never take your eyes off young children in and around water. Active supervision means that young children are constantly watched by an adult within arm’s reach.

2. Backyard swimming pools

Ensure all the safety features forming part of your swimming pool barrier are maintained in good working order. Degradation of parts of the barrier can be caused by exposure to the elements or by overuse etc.

Check your pool gate and fence and make sure that it swings back into a closed position after being opened and the latch works.

Never prop the gate open, even for a short time.

Make sure you remove any items such as chairs boxes that could be used to climb the barrier to access a pool.

Empty paddling pools when they are not in use.

3. Learn CPR

If you own your own pool, it is a good idea for householders to learn CPR training. Having the skills gives you added peace of mind around a pool should you ever have to use it.

4. Teach kids how to swim

Familiarise children with water by taking them to learn-to-swim lessons.

If you are unsure of specific requirements or feel you wish to seek further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the building department at Council.

We’re here to help you ensure your swimming pool barrier is safe and complies with current pool safety standards

Visit our website for additional and valuable information on swimming pool safety.