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Biba Playground Games

Thursday 21 Feb 2019
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Biba Real Fun 2 8X10

Biba Playground Games

Biba’s mission is to get today’s screen-savvy kids back outdoors and active using mobile games designed to work with the equipment found in playgrounds! The games are best for kids aged 3 to 9 and run the range from obstacle courses to treasure hunts to make believe adventures to team play.

There are now 3 Biba Activated playgrounds in the City of Marion:

How to play

Instructional signage has been installed at each reserve or read below for game outlines and instructions on how to download and play.

Best Games for...

- for 2 children: Relay. 
- for Groups: Zombot, Cops and Robbers, Drive. 
- for younger children: Teletubbies Playground Pals. 
- for parent and child teamwork: Hotel Transylvania Crazy Cruise.
- for adventure/imagination: Dino Dig, Treasure Hunter.

DINO DIG Ages 4-6

Biba Dino Dig takes your kids on an archaeological adventure.  Junior Archaeologists will traverse the equipment to get to the dig-sites and unearth virtual dino bones.  Along the way, they’ll learn cool facts about their favourite ancient creatures.

Dino Dig is free to play - download Biba Playground Games on iTunes or Google Play.


Biba Collect-O-Bots lets you host a scavenger hunt on the playground as your child searches for tiny baby robots known as Biblers!  Once your child has found their Bibler, work together to put it into the box so they can tickle or colour their new screen-pet.

Collect-O-Bots is free to play - download Biba Playground Games on iTunes or Google Play.


Join BigBot on a scavenger hunt through a magical forest, seeking out the rare and magical Golden Butterfly!   Along the way your Lepidopterologist-in-training will discover the coloured Biba scanning codes to unlock butterflies and learn neat butterfly facts.  Butterfly Bounty gets your kids moving!

Butterfly Bounty is free to play - download Biba Playground Games on iTunes or Google Play

RELAY Ages 6-9

Host a relay on the playground, with your mobile becoming a virtual relay baton!  Biba Relay is the perfect game for a play date, encouraging two kids to race the clock and get some great exercise at the same time!  Start the game and take turns racing your relay-buddy on each piece of equipment - it's high speed and designed to be competitive to get kids moving fast.

Relay is free to play - download Biba Playground Games on iTunes or Google Play.

DRIVE Ages 6-9

Start revving your engines!  Biba Drive lets you host an imaginary Grand Prix with up to 4 "drivers".  Your mobile becomes a pit stop that lets kids do everything from fuelling up to tuning-up between laps.

There is a small in-app purchase to play Drive - download Biba Playground Games on iTunes or Google Play.


Challenge your adventurers to jungle tomb expedition, seeking out new treasures while dodging traps and solving mini-games.  Biba Treasure Hunter turns the playground into a vine-swinging adventure!  Watch an introduction video here.

There is a small in-app purchase to access Treasure - download Biba Playground Games on iTunes or Google Play.


Drawing directly from the zaniness and ghoulish hilarity of the television show, parent and child duos take on adventures to help Mavis become Employee of the Month at Hotel Transylvania... but watch out for Aunt Lydia, who will be holding you to the highest standard of room service performance at every turn!

Hotel Transylvania Hotel Havoc is free to play - download on iTunes or Google Play.


Relive the summer-cruising adventures of Hotel Transylvania 3 in a new and innovative way.  Play as a family to restore magical relics to monster-inhabited islands, traverse trap-laden islands and complete on-screen mini-games.

Hotel Transylvania Crazy Cruise is free to play - download on iTunes or Google Play.


Teletubbies Playground Pals has a selection of 6 games within the app:

  • Pretty Flowers! 
    Help Laa-Laa find all of the pretty flowers hiding amongst the hills.
  • Hide And Seek!
    The teletubbies are playing hide and seek... can you help find them?
  • Tiddlytubbies Playtime!
    Uh-Oh!  The Tiddlytubbies are nowhere to be seen!  Can you help return them to the playroom for their sleepybyes?
  • Favourite Things!
    Journey throughout Teletubbyland to help find all of their favourite things!
  • Let's Pretend!
    It's make believe time with the Teletubbies!  Parents can be a little silly they they play this game.
  • Custard Chaos!
    Two children can play together to fill the Custard Ride to full capacity... and full fun!

Teletubbies Playground Pals is free to play - download on iTunes or Google Play


Starting at the Safehouse (the iPad), Survivors must attempt the challenges assigned to them without being tagged by the Zombie – if they do they become part of the Zombie Team.  Play continues until either all the players are Zombies or the time runs out (choose 3, 5 or 8 minute games).

Zombot Tag is only available on iPad and is free to play.  Download on iTunes.


Up to 10 Cops and Robbers can play this game.  Cops have to bring their robbers to the device to jail them while robbers try to bring their "loot" to the device to drop it in their vault.

Cops & Robers is only available on iPad and is free to play.  Download on iTunes.