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City of Marion ‘embraces equity’ on International Women’s Day

Wednesday 08 Mar 2023
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Cllr Raelene Telfer

Today – March 8 – is International Women’s Day and the City of Marion has taken to heart this year’s theme to #EmbraceEquity.

“At the City of Marion, we continue to work together to create a council that is inclusive and supportive of all people, regardless of gender,” said Tony Harrison, the City of Marion’s Chief Executive.

“This year's theme, #EmbraceEquity, calls on us to recognise that true equity can only be achieved when we actively work to remove the systemic barriers that prevent women from fully participating in all aspects of society.

“As a local government organisation, we have an important role to play in advancing gender equity, both within our workplace and in the broader community by challenging assumptions and stereotypes, promoting diversity and inclusion and fostering a supportive workplace culture.”

The following is what some of the Council Members at the City of Marion Council had to say about what it means to them to “embrace equity”.

Deputy Mayor Raelene Telfer: “Respecting each person as they are and allowing their viewpoints.”

Councillor Jayne Hoffmann: “Treating all people fairly and with respect.”

Councillor Amar Singh: “Creating opportunities for all people to thrive and flourish.”

Councillor Jana Mates: “Harmony and unity to help drive success for all.”

Councillor Luke Naismith: “As a councillor, I look forward to being able to work together in our local communities where everyone can play a part in embracing equity.”

Five of the City of Marion's 12 Council Members are women. The Mayor of Marion is Kris Hanna.

  • Coastal Ward Councillors: Sarah Luscombe and Ian Crossland.
  • Mullawirra Ward Councillors: Jason Veliskou and Amar Singh.
  • Southern Hills Ward Councillors: Luke Naismith and Jana Mates.
  • Warracowie Ward Councillors: Nathan Prior and Matt Taylor.
  • Warriparinga Ward Councillors: Renuka Lama and Raelene Telfer.
  • Woodlands Ward Councillors: Joseph Masika and Jayne Hoffmann.

Earlier this week the City of Marion brought together the local business community for a networking evening to mark International Women’s Day.

The March 6 event was hosted by the Marion Business Hub at the Mitchell Park Sports and Community Centre.

A panel of speakers included Rebecca Paris from the Australian Native Food Co and Marielba Bortone from Sparkling Productions who shared stories about their careers and leadership experiences.

Deputy Mayor Raelene Telfer and the City of Marion’s Citizen of the Year for 2022, Pauline Glover, also spoke about their work within the Marion community.

International Women's Day is officially on March 8 and is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

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