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Do you see the world differently? Be a Job Maker!

Monday 18 Jun 2018
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The working world has changed and every young Australian’s journey to financial independence is much different to how it used to be. So why would you take the same approach your parents did?

As machines continue to replace people, low employment rates rise and competition increases, the way we earn an income has become unpredictable – but not impossible.

Be a Job Maker helps young people build skills and create opportunities for their future. The program provides real-world, hands-on experience working with startups, entrepreneurs, businesses, government, coaches, researchers and experts from here at the New Venture Institute.

What is Be a Job Maker?

A six week program for young people who are looking to take the next step – whether it be from school, work or study – and gain independence.

Who should join?

Be a Job Maker is for young people who:

  • Have an interest creating their own small business
  • Have struggled to gain financial independence, or find out what steps to take next
  • Are having trouble deciding what to do after finishing school or university
  • Want to challenge themselves, break from the norm and think differently!

What does the program cover?

This program will help you build:

  • Capabilities – improve your creative, critical thinking and communications know how
  • Careers – exploring career planning, pathways and uncover your passions
  • Experience – participate in practical life placements and mentoring sessions
  • Entrepreneurship – a mindset that thinks ‘what could be?’ and ‘how could we make this better?’
  • Engagement – connections, networks and a personal brand to use on and off line

When does the program start and what does it cost?

Be a Job Maker starts on the 30th of July, 2018 and is fee-free.