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Firstival has arrived at Marion Libraries

Monday 01 Jul 2024
Firstival Latest News

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Firstival is a reminder for us all to reconnect with our curiosity, to book out some time in our busy lives to do something different. Because at any age, in any walk of life, learning does wonders for our wellbeing.

With over 300 events across South Australia there's a first time for everything!

Marion Firstival Events

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Marion Libraries locations

2018 01 09

Park Holme Library

2a Duncan Avenue Park Holme, 5043

Cove Civic Centre entrance

Cove Civic Centre

1 Ragamuffin Drive Hallett Cove, 5158

Our Branches Cultural Centre Library

Cultural Centre Library

287 Diagonal Road Oaklands Park, 5046