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Lander Road - proposed speed limit reduction

Friday 26 Nov 2021
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
50km h

The City of Marion is seeking the community’s views on a proposed speed limit reduction to 50km/h on Lander Road between Main South Road and Patpa Drive.


The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) undertook an upgrade to the intersection at Main South Road, Candy Road and Lander Road in October 2019, which was completed in July 2020. The upgrade allowed for right turn movements between Main South Road and Candy Road, and through movements between Candy Road and Lander Road.

The project has provided improved connectivity in the area, particularly between Happy Valley and Hallett Cove. This is evident from comparing traffic data collected prior and after the upgrade. There has been an increase of approx. 20-25% volume of traffic on Lander Road and is now considered City of Marion’s most utilised road with approx. 10,000 vehicles per day (AADT - Average Annual Daily Traffic). A lower speed limit on Lander Road between Main South Road and the roundabout at Patpa Drive would provide a safer environment for residents.

The speed limit on Candy Road (City of Onkaparinga) between Chandlers Hill Road and Main South Road is 50km/h. A similar built-up road environment on Lander Road between Main South Road and Patpa Drive, consolidating the speed at 50 km/h, would be less confusing to motorists.

Proposed Speed Limit

Reducing the Speed limit on Lander Road between Main South Road and Patpa Drive from 60km/h to 50km/h would:

  • Shorten the stopping distance of an average car by 10m (equates to about 2 car lengths)
  • Provide a safer road (reduces the risk of crashes resulting in serious injuries and fatalities)
  • Provide better fuel consumption (lower greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Generate less traffic noise
  • Better support active travel modes
  • Increase the time to travel between Main South Road and Patpa Drive by approx. 20 seconds


Consultation will be undertaken between Monday 22 November and 5pm Wednesday 15 December 2021. Please visit the Making Marion website and fill out the short survey to register your views on the proposed speed limit reduction on Lander Road. For any questions related to this consultation please contact City of Marion’s Unit Manager Engineering (Carl Lundborg) on 8375 6600