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City of Marion commits $2.7M for Marion Park Golf Course clubhouse

Thursday 25 Aug 2022
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Marion Park Golf Course ATCO Hut

The Marion Park Golf Club at Seacliff Park is finally going to have a new clubhouse after the City of Marion committed $2.7 million towards the facility at its General Meeting on Tuesday night.

The clubhouse and associated landscaping will be delivered in stages with around $388,000 being spent this financial year on detailed designs and other preliminary works.

The remaining $2.3 million will be allocated in Council’s 2023/24 budget with a new $300,000 car park scheduled for the capital works program in the 2024/25 financial year.

“The Marion Park Golf Club is a real community club where people from all walks of life enjoy our 9-hole golf course,” Mayor of Marion Kris Hanna said.

“Since the clubroom had to be demolished for safety reasons over 15 years ago, the golf club members have had to make do with little more than a shipping container. We’re going to fix that and give them a proper clubhouse.”

In a deputation to Council Tuesday night, Marion Park Golf Club President Simon Young said the portable building dubbed the “ATCO Hut” had limited space and did not allow members to offer catering, host functions, raise funds and grow membership.

In 2018 the former Member for Boothby, Nicolle Flint, made an election pledge of $200,000 towards a new clubroom.

Around $42,000 of that election funding has already been spent on preliminary designs. The remaining Federal funds plus $230,000 from Council will be spent this financial year to complete the detailed designs for the new clubhouse and landscaping.

In recent years Council has submitted two grant applications for State funding through the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing and has been unsuccessful.

Approximately 15,000 rounds of golf are played on the course every year. The Council anticipates that number could increase up to 25,000 rounds with upgraded facilities.

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