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Mayor's Message

Wednesday 24 Apr 2019
Kris Hanna 2018

We have an answer – of sorts – to Marion Council’s proposed changes to planning guidelines for new houses and apartments across the city. Council acted on community concerns about excessive infill with the associated problems of street parking and other issues.

Work on the "Housing Diversity Development Plan Amendment" (DPA) began under the old Council (2014-2018) and took nearly two years to complete. In December 2017 we submitted the DPA to the Minister for Planning, for approval.

It is the State Government which has the final say in planning guidelines. 

Planning Minister Stephan Knoll has now provided a tentative answer. In short, the Minister is only prepared to agree to a fraction of the DPA while requiring Council to re-consult the community on much of our proposal.

I am disappointed at this turn of events.

In May, Council will formulate a formal response to the Minister’s tentative response.

 Kris Hanna - Mayor of the City of Marion