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Nature Experience | Stacking Stones

Tuesday 10 Jul 2018
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
Hallett Cove Foreshore Stacking Stones 2

Stacking Stones (also known as rock balancing) has a long and varied tradition around the world.

Known as "cairns" they have been used to to mark the way along trails or highlight landmarks.

They have also been used as a medium to meditate with or express artistry.

It's a great opportunity to explore the concept of "centre of mass" with children and discuss how some rocks balance better than others.

Ranging from our considerable rocky coastline* to stormwater intervention swales, there are a number of places in the City of Marion you could try Stone Stacking.

Find your closest Stone Stacking park here.

Points to note:

  • If you visit a coastal habitat, please remember not to move the stones too far from where you find them and choose stones that are above the tidal zone.
  • Rocks provide natural shelter for insects, marine life and snakes; make sure you inspect the area around the stones before picking them up.
  • Leave no trace.  At the end of your stone stacking take a picture and return the rocks to their natural world.

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