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Representation Review 2020

Tuesday 04 Aug 2020
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
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The Representation Review process requires each Council to undertake a review of all aspects of its composition and the division (or potential division) of the Council area into wards.

Representation Review must be completed in accordance with the requirements of Section 12 of the Act to ensure fair and equitable representation of all City of Marion electors.

What does this review include?

The principal member of Council:

  • whether it should be a mayor elected by the community, or
  • a chairperson selected by (and from amongst) the elected members;

The composition of Council, including:

  • the number of elected members required to provide fair and adequate representation to the community; o
  • the division of the Council area into wards or the abolition of wards; o
  • is there a need or benefit for area councillors in addition to ward councillors (where the Council area is to be divided into wards);
  • if wards are to be retained, is there a need to change ward boundaries, the level of ward representation within, and the names of, any future proposed wards. To see current City of Marion ward structures click here.

How can I have a say?

This consultation is open until 14 September 2020 and here you can:

For detailed information visit:

Further information regarding the Elector Representation Review can also be obtained by contacting:

Kate McKenzie,

Manager Corporate Governance

Ph: 8375 6600 or by email link)

Next steps

Following consultation on this Options Paper, a Representation Review Report will be prepared that addresses the community responses and outlines Council’s preferred ‘in principle’ decision regarding its potential future composition.

Consultation will then occur with the community on the Representation Review Report (second report), prior to the Council making a final decision and submitting its recommendations to the Electoral Commissioner for certification and government gazettal.