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Shift.ed is here

Thursday 16 Aug 2018
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A brainchild activated by KiK Innovation and NVI, Shift.ed will see more social enterprises in South Australia combine their passion with smart business practices. Shifting the way you run your venture means a wider reach, greater impact and the ability to keep building. Which is why we're excited to invite you to be among the first to sign up! Shift.ed's monthly masterclasses start this August and run until February 2019. We recommend you try and get to all seven but feel free to pick and choose sessions that are of the most interest to you.

Shift.ed Session 1 | Thu 23 Aug, 3-730pm How might we create opportunities by going > Purpose > Impact?

Shift.ed Session 2 | Thu 27 Sep, 3-6pm Finding the "why":  the "why" of your purpose > the "why" of the impact you want to have in the world.

Shift.ed Session 3 | Thu 25 Oct, 3-730pm Trust the Share Economy: collaboration by sharing.

Shift.ed Session 4 | Thu 15 Nov, 3-6pm Map your ecosystem: What if we had a stronger Purpose > Impact ecosystem in South Australia?

Shift.ed Session 5 | Thu 13 Dec, 3-730pm Once upon a time we use storytelling and social media to connect minds with a purpose.

Shift.ed Session 6 | Thu 24 Jan, 3-6pm Impact: What do you measure and does what you measure gets done? \

Shift.ed Session 7 | Thu 21 Feb, 3-730pm Technology and Digitisation for Good: does impact follow purpose?

Good to know: 

  • During every masterclass you'll have the opportunity to work with mentors who are experienced in making social enterprise work well
  • Shift.ed Sessions that run until 7:30 feature a TED talk style presentation from various gurus following the masterclass...
  • ... then we'll finish with networking drinks!

It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Join Shift.ed today and shift your purpose in the right direction.