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UPDATE: SA Water Road repair completion – The Cove Road in Hallett Cove

Wednesday 11 Aug 2021
Please note the content of this news item is over six months old and may no longer be current.
SA Water update road repair

Update provided by SA Water:

Road repair completion – The Cove Road in Hallett Cove

SA Water have provided an update on The Cove Road in Hallett Cove.

As people who live in the area would be aware, over the past several weeks a section of The Cove Road in Hallett Cove, between Pindee Street and Westcliff Court has been closed to carry out repairs required due to a burst water main back in June.

The repair works involved excavation of a large area of road, navigating several underground services including water, gas and stormwater. Concrete was poured to support the road’s structural integrity, and bitumen reinstatement of the road surface is complete.

SA Water have advised that the Cove Road is now open with speed and heavy vehicle restrictions to remain.

For information on the progress of repairs please contact SA Water on 1300 729 283.