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Asset management

Shape the way we manage our assets

At the City of Marion we’re looking at the ways we manage our assets. To do this we need your help:

• How well do they perform?

• Are they delivering our levels of service for safety, quality, function, capacity and sustainability?

• What can be improved?

We’d love you to read the three-page snapshots and complete our quick online survey at during August and September 2020.

Your feedback will inform the Asset Management Plans to be presented for Council’s consideration and adoption in October 2020.

Council's assets

The City of Marion owns and manages a large and diverse asset portfolio, valued at over $1 billion. Our assets enable the provision of services to the community and businesses for current and future generations. Assets play a vital role in our residents’ quality of life.

Council’s assets range from roads and footpaths, to buildings, playgrounds, barbecues, shelters, vehicles, machinery and stormwater drains. In addition, we receive a number of “gifted” assets from State Government and developers which attract ongoing operational and maintenance costs over their life.

Asset management is about how assets are ‘looked after’, both on a day-to-day basis (operation, monitoring and maintenance) and in the medium-to-long term (planning, creation, renewal and disposal). We are committed to implementing asset management best practice across all areas of council. The Asset Solutions team support and guide the organisation to improved asset management.

Asset management policy and strategy

The City of Marion’s Asset Management vision is:

To maintain the City of Marion’s assets to agreed levels of service which maximise community value throughout an asset’s life

Supported by four Strategic Objectives:

1. Maximise Community Value

2. Deliver Agreed Levels of Service

3. Informed Decision Making

4. Optimally Managed

Council will make effective and informed decisions through each stage of the asset lifecycle to achieve the Asset Management Vision and Strategic Objectives, by achieving four Outcome Areas:

Skilled people

Our people will provide outstanding asset management leadership to drive a focus on achievement, responsibility and accountability.

Accurate data

Appropriate data validation procedures will ensure the integrity of Asset management data (i.e. the data is accurate, relevant and complete) and can be relied upon to make informed decisions in the Council’s (and Community’s) best interest.

Improved processes

Our processes will be appropriate, streamlined, efficient, well-defined and documented.

Intelligent systems

Our system will be a fully integrated system that is dynamic; is populated with timely and accurate data; has a user-friendly interface and reporting functionality; and has a strong emphasis on its Geographical Information System (GIS).

Council is delivering Asset Management Plans for the following asset classes:

Asset management plans