Arts and Culture

The City of Marion recognises that arts and cultural activities are a vital component to creating a sustainable future for the people who live, work and play in the city.

What is Cultural Vitality?

Cultural Vitality is described as a community that:

  • Encourages creativity and artistic expression,
  • Supports inquisitive investigation and life-long learning,
  • Open-mindedly embraces diversity,
  • Cherishes and respects its multifaceted heritage, and
  • Confidently expresses a sense of identity, pride and belonging.


Cultural life in City of Marion

There are many facets to cultural life in the City of Marion including:

  • Activities in neighbourhood centres, libraries, the Marion Cultural Centre, and Living Kaurna Cultural Centre.
  • Local celebrations and festivals.
  • Community arts and culture projects.
  • Celebrating the diversity of our community.
  • Valuing our cultural heritage.
  • The use of public art and design to create vibrant public spaces.


Community views of Arts and Culture

During previous community consultations for the City of Marion Cultural Plan, Marion residents expressed:

"Our culture is what enables us to make meaning of the world. A sense of community is about shared culture and shared meanings - what we eat, build, play with, how we mark birth and death, work, tell stories, teach our kids, make decisions...

It's a whole lot broader than the arts, but they are so interrelated because the arts has been one of the best ways we have to create and enjoy, even celebrate these meanings - and to debunk and argue with them."


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