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Compost Bin, Worm Farm or Bokashi Rebate Application Form

Ratepayers in the City of Marion are entitled to one rebate per property. In line with the need to remove food waste from the red-lidded rubbish bins, rebates are available for 50% (up to $40) on the purchase of a worm farm, compost bin or bokashi unit purchased within the last 12 months whilst funds are available. Please note: rebates are only applicable to purchases of $40 or more.

To claim your rebate:

Complete this rebate claim form and submit the following two attachments along with the form:

> the purchase receipt

> proof of residence – a document which has both your full name and address on it (Eg. Copy of a rates bill, electricity bill, or Driver’s Licence)

How will the rebate be paid?

Once your claim has been processed, a bank details form will be emailed to you from to transfer your rebate via online banking. The rebate amount is based on the GST inclusive price of purchase. You should expect to receive payment within 30 days. Please note there will be no rebates paid in cash or cheque.