Edwardstown Oval Soldiers Memorial Ground

Edwardstown Transformed - a new home for sport and community

Welcome to the construction update for the transformation of Edwardstown Soldier's Memorial Recreation Ground into a modern sporting and community complex and memorial site.
The City of Marion and the Australian Government are redeveloping the Edwardstown Oval at a cost of $8.8 million.

Building work will begin in January and is expected to be completed in February 2019.

This webpage contains a construction timeline, answers to frequently asked questions and shows you how to find more information and contact us.

View the Edwardstown Oval Transformed Flyer December 2017(963 kb) for more information.

We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.


Edwardstown Oval site transformation

The redevelopment will address the shortage of community, recreation and spotting facilities and open space in the region and will be a centre for vocational and skills training. It will be a popular home for Australian rules football, cycling, cricket, lawn bowls, and host community events.

This project will provide a $2.1 million boost to the local economy, creating 39 jobs during construction and 17 jobs post construction.

Additionally, the upgrade will include a new vocational education training (VET) facility that will create 370 return to work opportunities, annually.

The new Edwardstown Oval will include:

  • Modern two-storey building
  • Community function rooms
  • Change rooms
  • Upgraded memorial gardens
  • Canteen
  • Resurfaced velodrome
  • Bicycle and cricket storage 
  • Cricket nets
  • Spectator mound
  • More carparks

View the Edwardstown Oval Transformed Flyer December 2017(963 kb).



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Groundbreaking ceremony

In January, we will hold a groundbreaking ceremony and a community barbecue. The date and details will be announced in the New Year.


What’s happening in January 2018
  • Pre construction work including fencing and signage
  • Memorial Hall demolished
  • Carpark partially closed for upgrade
  • Road speeds in surrounding site reduced, some roads closures or diversions on nearby streets
  • Earthworks start for spectator mound
  • Preparation of grounds for bike storage
  • Ground breaking ceremony


Development stages

Construction will occur over six stages beginning with a spectator mound, car park and cycling storage. A new building will replace three old buildings, the cycling track will be resurfaced and the memorial gardens will be sensitively upgraded.

The memorial brick pillars are being demolished and rebuilt. The original iron-work to the gates will be restored. The gates are heritage listed and highly valued by the local community.

Here is an overview of these construction stages: 

Stage 1
Jan - Mar 2018
Community Hall demolished. Half of car park completed, spectator mound and cyclist storage facilities built.

Stage 2
Feb - Apr 2018
Begin Memorial Garden upgrade.

Stage 3
Mar - Oct 2018
Existing bowling club demolished. Construction of two-storey Edwardstown Sporting and Community Centre.

Stage 4
Oct 2018
Completion of Memorial Garden upgrade.

Stage 5
Nov - Dec 2018
Velodrome (cycling track) resurfacing.

Stage 6
Jan - Feb 2019
Existing football clubrooms demolished. Completion of remaining carpark.



At the City of Marion we believe that our community should have access to a broad range of high quality sport and community facilities so that everyone has the opportunity to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

In April 2015 Council endorsed investigations being undertaken with peak sporting bodies, relevant clubs, funding bodies and agencies to seek partnering opportunities for the development of plans and potential funding solutions for the following sports infrastructure:

  • Options for soccer pitches and a BMX track in the south.
  • Indoor multi-purpose stadium.
  • Edwardstown Oval Upgrade.
  • Mitchell Park Sports and Community Club upgrade.



Edwardstown redevelopment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • How long will construction take?

Work will occur over six stages from January 2018. We anticipate completion by February 2019.

  • When will work start each day?

Preparation for building work will occur from early January. In mid-January, the site will be under construction five days a week, Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm.

  • How will local roads be affected?

Disruption to local roads will be kept to a minimum during construction. We aim to notify you via letterbox drops if we need to temporarily close a road or divert traffic for an extended period of time. Speed limits may also be reduced immediately around the site for the safety of building workers. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and continue to look at this webpage to stay across the latest news.

  • What will happen to parking in the area?

For safe access to the site, there will be some on street parking restrictions at critical construction times. There will be reduced onsite parking throughout the construction period. On completion, the overall parking capacity onsite will increase. Follow us on Facebook and visit this webpage to stay across the latest news.

  • How will construction noise and dust be managed?

The contractor will seek to minimise dust, noise and any water runoff in accordance with environmental standards.

  • What’s going to happen to the Memorial Gardens?

A ceremonial walk will be added and a commemorative wall with Defence insignia and three flag poles will be installed. There will be a new shelter and seating as well as increased turfed area. New plantings will include commemorative roses and rosemary.

Existing original roses located at the northern boundary will remain. The memorial brick pillars are being demolished and rebuilt. The original iron-work to the gates wil be restored. The gates are heritage listed and highly valued by the local community.

  • Can I still attend my sporting club/exercise class?

Football team access will remain. The football club building will be relocated into temporary facilities on Raglan Avenue from late February until October 2018. In February, lawn bowls will be temporarily relocated near the memorial gardens. The cycling club’s access to the velodrome will be January to October 2018. The cricket club and the community will not be able to access the oval from October until February 2019 due to safety reasons.

Existing indoor classes will be placed on hold or relocated in January 2018. Yoga has been relocated to the Ascot Park Scout Hall until November 2018. Dance classes have moved to the Holdfast Bay Community Centre.

We recommend you consult your coach or instructor for specific dates and times for temporary training/match/class relocations.