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Expression of interest Cove Multi-Sports Field Application Form

Applications open Thursday 7 September. 

Applications close on Friday 6 October.

For more information, please contact Council's Sport and Recreation Officer by mail

Organisation is a Not-for-Profit entity  
Organisation is an incorporated body  
Organisation has an ABN  
Please indicate which season/s you will require use of the facility  
Would your club be willing to share or hire the facility with other user groups and accommodate their needs?  
Please indicate the days and times you will require use of the facility  
I confirm that I have been authorised, in line with the club's Constitution, as the organisation's representative and hereby express interest in the lease/license of the Cove Multi-Sports Field.  

To avoid any uncertainty or misunderstandings, please note the following:

● The City Of Marion reserves the right to accept or reject any Expression of Interest at its discretion.

● This document is not an undertaking or contractual offer by council.

● Unless and until a written contract is properly executed by council and an applicant:

(a) council has no legal obligations in relation to any projects or partnership opportunities; and

(b) an applicant should not make any commitments to third parties on the assumption that council support for a project will be provided.

● Notification by council of acceptance of an Expression of Interest does not create a binding agreement and in particular, acceptance by council of an Application is not approval under the Development Act.

● The City of Marion reserves the right to respond to EOI’s in accordance with project schedules and not within any specified timeframe. If council does not respond to an EOI that does not signify approval by council.

● Subject to law, council has no liability whatsoever as a result of any matter or anything in connection with a party's EOI.