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Food Business Notification Form

All food business trading within the City of Marion are required to notify using a food business notification form. This form is for permanent food businesses. As a food business it is your responsibility to uphold the Food Act 2001, Food Regulations 2017 and the Food Standards Code. 

This Food Business Notification Form is designed for a single business location. Where a food business sells food from multiple locations, a separate form must be completed for each location.

Notes on completing the Food Business Ownership Details

• ACN: The Australian Company Number (ACN) applies to Companies registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The ACN is mandatory if your business is a company. A company can be a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) Unlimited Proprietary (Pty) Limited (Ltd) or No Liability (NL).

• ABN: Optional entry if the business is not required to have an ABN. All businesses with an annual turnover of $50,000 or non-profit organisations with an annual turnover of $100,000 require an ABN. Organisations with a lower annual turnover may choose to register for an ABN. Contact the Australian Taxation office for information on applying for an ABN. Phone 13 28 61.

• Registered business name: If you trade other than under your own personal name. If the food business has been registered under the National Corporations Act 2001 administered by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), then the registered company name should be entered here. If the food business has been registered under state or territory legislation and not under the National Corporations Act 2001, then that registered business name should be entered here. If you are unsure if you are legally required to have a registered business name contact the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs on (08) 8204 9779

• Common trading name: Required if the business does not have a registered business name. If a business name is not registered, indicate the name under which the business is known or operates.

Type of Business  

Proprietor Details

Written correspondence will be sent to this address
Phone communication will be directed here in the first instance

Business Location Details

Physical address only eg. not PO Box
Eg. 2 Full Time Employees Plus 3 Part-Time Employees Would Equal 3.5 Employees
Please provide a short description of the business and its operation:

Food Business Sectors

Food businesses will be categorised under three sectors - manufacturing, retail and food service and distribution. It is possible for a business to select more than one sector. For example a large bakery manufacturing products primarily for wholesale may also have a retail outlet on the same site. In this case both the manufacturing sector and retail and food service sector would be selected. Alternatively a bakery predominately operating as a retailer should tick the retail and food service sector not the manufacturing sector.

Please select one or more of the appropriate box(s) below to indicate the sector or sectors in which your business operates.  

Retail and Food Service Sector

Retail business is a businesses that sell food to the public which is not processed on site (can include slicing & weighing of delicatessen products and reheating/hot holding of RTE cooked foods). Generally not intended to be consumed on site and can include supermarkets, convenience stores or specialty retail stores (e.g. bakery, butcher.)

Food service business means businesses that make and/or serve food for immediate consumption (may include transport) regardless of whether the food is consumed onsite or elsewhere.

The retail and food service sector is based on the type of business description. Within this group is a sub group defined as businesses serving at risk persons. These businesses will be classified as high priority. The category OTHER is also included for businesses not covered in the provided options.

What best describes your food business type?  
including specialty shop

Food Distribution Sector

Transporter/distributor is a businesses engaged in transport or pre-retail distribution activities (particularly importation, wholesaling, wholesale storage and multipurpose wholesalers who distribute not only to retailers but also to restaurant owners or consumers). Transporters do not process foods.

What best describes your food distribution business type?  

Food Manufacturing Sector

Processor/manufacturer businesses are engaged in the physical or chemical transformation of food, food ingredients, substances or components into new products. Their food can be sold via wholesaler or direct to business and can include minimal or widespread distribution.

This food sector is subdivided into broad categories based on the type of food produced. There is an option for OTHER to cover a food type that does not fit into one of the defined food categories. A food business may choose more than one category of food.

Please select the types of food manufactured by your business (MAY BE MORE THAN ONE)