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Form Development 04 - H&B

The City of Marion is required to monitor the safe and hygienic practices of and skin penetration premises under the Public Health Act 2011 Health Regulations. Any business providing personal services must ensure that clients receive a professional, competent, safe and hygienic service. Please ensure that you have you read the Guideline on the Public Health Standards of Practice for Hairdressers and the Guideline of the Safe and Hygienic Practice of Skin available on the SA Health website

This registration form is designed for a single business location, where multiple locations are operating within the City of Marion under the same name or owner, please complete subsequent forms. Additionally if multiple businesses are operating from the location under different owners, please complete subsequent form for each business.

Premises Information

Is the business a home based business?  
Is the business a mobile business  

Part 2 - Contact Information

If Different to Proprietor

Part 3 - Procedures Undertaken

Please Select All That Apply

Part 4 - Declaration