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Form Development 06 - FBiz

Business Details

This Food Business Notification Form is designed for a single business location. Where a food business sells food from multiple locations, a separate form must be completed for each location.

Notes on completing the Food Business Ownership Details

• Proprietor name: Mandatory entry.

• ACN: The Australian Company Number (ACN) applies to Companies registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The ACN is mandatory if your business is a company. A company can be a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) Unlimited Proprietary (Pty) Limited (Ltd) or No Liability (NL).

• Mailing address: Mandatory entry. All written communications with the proprietor of a food business will be sent to this address.

• Business telephone: Mandatory entry. All phone communications with the proprietor of a food business will be to this number. A mobile, fax or email contact is optional. Notes on completing Business location information (Page 1) The address information in this section relates to information about the business location. This may be different to the business owner address information.

• ABN: Optional entry if the business is not required to have an ABN. All businesses with an annual turnover of $50 000 or non-profit organisations with an annual turnover of $100 000 require an ABN. Organisations with a lower annual turnover may choose to register for an ABN. Contact the Australian Taxation office for information on applying for an ABN. Phone 13 28 61.

• Registered business name: Mandatory entry if you trade other than under your own personal name. If the food business has been registered under the National Corporations Act 2001 administered by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), then the registered company name should be entered here. If the food business has been registered under state or territory legislation and not under the National Corporations Act 2001, then that registered business name should be entered here. If you are unsure if you are legally required to have a registered business name contact the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs on (08) 8204 9779

• Common trading name: Required if the business does not have a registered business name. If a business name is not registered, indicate the name under which the business is known or operates.

• Business location address: Mandatory entry. The business location address must be a street address not a post office box or similar postal address

• Address type: Mandatory entry. A business will select one of the 3 options. A street address indicates a business such as a retail shop, factory, food transport depot or similar permanent premises. Two options are provided for mobile food vending / transport vehicles. For mobile vehicles stationed at a permanent location such as a pie cart operating from a leased site select the second option. A business operating a mobile vehicle such as an ice-cream van or a food transport vehicle delivering food would tick the third option to show the address where the vehicle is normally garaged.

• Numbers of employees and number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees: Mandatory entries. Include only those employees handling food.

• Date commenced: Mandatory entry. The date when the business began at this location. If an exact date is not known provide the year. 

Proprietor Details

Business Location Details

Eg. 2 Full Time Employees Plus 3 Part-Time Employees Would Equal 3.5 Employees
Please provide a short description of the business and its operation: