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Genetically Modified Crops in South Australia

Commercial food producers and manufacturers in the City of Marion are advised that the South Australian Parliament has passed changes that will allow genetically modified (GM) GM food crops to be grown in South Australia, except on Kangaroo Island.

Councils containing areas of commercial food-crop production are now consulting with their communities on the impacts to marketing and trade that this change may present.

Councils that have consulted are eligible to apply to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development to prohibit commercial cultivation of GM food crops within their region.

Food producers and manufacturers in the City of Marion that may be affected are encouraged to contact their suppliers and share their comments through consultation processes in Councils where crop production is / may be occurring.

The City of Marion is a metropolitan council that contains no commercial large-scale food crop production and does not envisage this sort of activity in the future.

At the Council meeting on 11 August 2020, Council considered whether to consult with the community on this matter. Council decided not to progress with community consultation.

Genetically modified (GM) crops are plants used in agriculture that have had their DNA modified through gene technology. Examples include resistance to certain pests, diseases and herbicides, tolerance to environmental conditions such as drought or frost and increased production of nutrients, such as omega 3.