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Glenthorne Farm GM Crops Trial

Council continues to support the South Australian Government ban on commercial cultivation of GM Crops.

Since 2008 the University of Adelaide has been conducting field trials of genetically modified (GM) wheat and barley at Glenthorne Farm, O’Halloran Hill.

The University are conducting the research in an attempt to develop plants with improved drought tolerance, better salinity tolerance and the capacity to maintain yield under limited nutrient application.

Cultivation of GM Crops is prohibited in South Australia under the Genetically Modified Crops Management Regulations 2008, which were made under the Genetically Modified Crops Management Act 2004. These regulations will remain in place until at least 1 September 2019.

An exemption to this ban has been issued to the University by the State Government for the purposes of research and experimentation.

Regulation of human health and environmental hazards associated with GM crops is managed by the Commonwealth Office for the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR). The University is required to obtain a license from the OGTR and operate within strict license conditions.

The University indicates that the research being undertaken will become increasingly important as demand on agricultural resources increases and other environmental factors such as climate extremes affect future crop yields in Australia.

The commercial cultivation of GM food crops is prohibited in South Australia.

Further information

  • Details of South Australia’s GM Crop ban and approvals for experimentation and research are available from the PIRSA GM crops (see related links).
  • Maps and information on license conditions of GM crop sites across Australia are available from the Office for the Gene Technology Regulator (see related links).
  • The use of GM products in food for human consumption (and labelling) is regulated by the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (see related links).

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