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Innovative Smart Initiatives

Smart Cities and the City of Marion.

The City of Marion has committed to targeted Smart City opportunities through its 2017-2027 Strategic Plan and 2016-2019 3-year business plan. Key opportunities identified include but are not limited to the use of technologies to support the design, delivery and assessment of services, using data to support and improve evidence-based policies, programs and decision-making that is repeatable and sustainable, and sharing information with our community to continue greater transparency and availability of information.

The Six themes in our Strategic Plans are:

  • Liveable
  • Valuing Nature
  • Engaged
  • Prosperous
  • Innovative
  • Connected

There is opportunity to progress Smart City principles and actions across all of the six themes of our Strategic Plans. This provides us with a unique moment in time both in the short term and medium to longer term as technology and data are changing the world as we know it. The City of Marion is in the process of developing its Innovative Smart Initiatives Plan and Data Governance Framework to enable digital transformation in the medium to longer term.

Current Pilot Projects

From July 2018 – June 2019 the City of Marion has committed funding to progress pilot trials investigating ‘Smart City’ technology and infrastructure that enables innovation to flourish.

 The projects for July 2018 – June 2019 are:

  • Metrics that Matter - The virtual platform will be a data warehousing solution that will facilitate information stored in disparate ICT systems and spreadsheets to be brought together to produce meaningful real time metrics. Recognising that data is a valued asset for the City of Marion, will provide opportunities to enhance service delivery through improved data accessibility, reportability, visibility and analysis of real-time data.
  • Monitoring playground usage through the use of sensor technology – In December 2017 Council adopted a Playground Framework to guide the future direction, provision and management of playgrounds in the City of Marion. Comprehensive data is anticipated to be generated on the use of playground sites which will inform and support further decisions regarding investment in playgrounds.
  • Urban Activation Project precinct monitoring using sensor technology – The Urban Activation Projects selected in 2017 will provide infrastructure that supports the activation of identified places, which will improve community amenities. As a part of these projects and with the use of sensor technology, CoM will undertake precinct monitoring to generate ‘before’ and ‘after’ usage data of the urban activation sites to help measure the impact of the activation program.

Smart Cities and Suburbs Funding Bid

The City of Marion has been successful in matched funding for a “Smart Precinct Proposal” at Oaklands through the Federal Smart Cities and Suburbs Program Round 2. The Australian Government funding will support the smart precinct proposal that will provide innovative solutions using technology and data that will deliver affordable, scalable and replicable outcomes.

Through key infrastructure elements of the precinct, the design of public realm will seek to improve the experience of the local community and visitors’ through increased connectivity and liveability.

The Oaklands Precinct proposal incorporates two elements; building on the foundation of the Metrics that Matter project (Virtual Platform) and the Oaklands Precinct Project.

Virtual Data Platform

The Virtual Data Platform will enable collation of generated data from the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors onsite to support and inform decision making for improved service delivery and allow for future provision of open data for the community, businesses and other government bodies.

Oaklands Precinct

The Oaklands Precinct will increase citizen safety and community liveability through IoT sensors that will enable data to be generated on:

  • Pedestrian movement
  • Smart Lighting Poles
  • CCTV & Public WiFi
  • Wayfinding
  • Parking technology solution
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Connectivity to south through to Marion Cultural Centre, State Aquatic and Leisure Centre and Westfield Marion (Marion Regional Centre).
  • Connection to north through train station plaza’s with facilities for bike storage, toilet and food truck/pop up shop space to local shops and Warradale.
  • Dwyer Road Reserve Technology Park

It will also improve:

o   Smart Plaza

o   Smart Playground Equipment

o   Basketball area including USB plugs, ICT devices charging station, solar panels, Wi-Fi

o   Nature Play & Technology and Smart Play areas

o   Smart BBQ & waste solutions