Parks and Playgrounds

The community can spend the day at one of many parks and playgrounds located within the City of Marion.

Many reserves feature playgrounds, picnic tables, benches, shelters, free push button BBQs, as well as tennis and basketball court facilities.

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The City of Marion offers a diverse range of recreational facilities for people of all ages and interests to access and enjoy. Select from options below to search for reserves.

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Parks and Reserves Listing

This list is currently being updated to ensure you have access to current and correct information.

Aldridge Avenue Reserve, Plympton Park

Alison Avenue Reserve, Marion

Alpine Road Reserve, Seacombe Heights

Appleby Road Reserve, Morphettville

Audrey Street Reserve, Ascot Park

Ballara Park Reserve, Warradale

Bandon Terrace Reserve, Marino

Barton Drive Reserve, Trott Park

Ben Pethick Reserve, Marion

Breakout Creek Reserve, Glengowrie


Brolga Place Reserve, Sturt

Cadell Street Reserve, Seaview Downs

Capella Drive Reserve, Hallett Cove

Central Avenue Reserve, Hallett Cove

Chatsworth Court Reserve, Hallett Cove

Christopher Grove Reserve, O'Halloran Hill

Clare Avenue Reserve, Sheidow Park


Cohen Court Reserve, Clovelly Park

Columbia Crescent Reserve, Hallett Cove

Cormorant Drive Reserve, Hallett Cove

Cove Sports and Community Club, Hallett Cove

Cowra Cresent South Reserve, Park Holme

Dumbarton Avenue Reserve, Edwardstown

Dwyer Road Reserve, Oaklands Park

Edwardstown Soldiers' Memorial Recreation Ground (Edwardstown Oval)

Elizabeth Ryan Reserve, Plympton Park

Eurelia Road Reserve, Sheidow Park

First Avenue Reserve, Ascot Park

George Street Reserve, Marion

Glade Crescent Reserve, Hallett Cove

Glandore Community Centre, Glandore

Glandore Oval, Glandore

Graham Watts Playground, Clovelly Park

Gully Road North Reserve, Seacliff Park


Hamilton Park Reserve, Warradale

Harbrow Grove Reserve, Seacombe Gardens

Hawkesbury Avenue Reserve, Sturt

Hazelmere Reserve, Glengowrie

Hendrie Street Reserve - Inclusive Playground, Park Holme

Heron Way Reserve, Hallett Cove

Hessing Cresent Reserve, Trott Park

Hugh Johnson Boulevard Reserve, Sheidow Park

Jervois Street Reserve, South Plympton

Kenton Avenue Reserve, Oaklands Park

Koomooloo Crescent Reserve, Hallett Cove

Lapwing Street Reserve, Hallett Cove

Linear Park Reserve, Hallett Cove

Maldon Avenue Reserve, Mitchell Park

Manoora Drive Reserve, Hallett Cove

Marion Oval, Marion

McConnell Avenue Reserve, Marino

McKay Street Reserve, Dover Gardens

McKellar Terrace Reserve, Morphettville

Mema Court Reserve, Hallett Cove

Mitchell Park Oval, Mitchell Park

Mitchell Street Reserve, Seaview Downs

Mulcra Avenue Reserve, Park Holme

Nannigai Drive Reserve, Hallett Cove

Nimboya Road Reserve, Marino

Oaklands Road Reserve (Oaklands Wetland and Reserve), Oaklands Park

Oakvale Way Reserve, Hallett Cove

Olivier Terrace Reserve, Hallett Cove

Parsons Grove Reserve, Park Holme

Pavana Reserve, Hallett Cove

Penrith Court Reserve, Mitchell Park

Peterson Avenue Reserve, Mitchell Park


Plympton Oval, Plympton Park

Rajah Street Reserve, Oaklands Park

Ramsay Avenue Reserve, Seacombe Gardens

Reserve Street Reserve, Trott Park

Rosslyn Street Reserve, Clovelly Park

Roy Lander Reserve, Seaview Downs

Sandery Avenue Reserve, Seacombe Gardens

Sandy Glass Court Reserve, Sheidow Park

Scarborough Terrace Reserve, Dover Gardens

Shamrock Road Reserve, Hallett Cove

Sixth Avenue Reserve, Ascot Park


Southbank Boulevard Reserve, Sheidow Park

Spinnaker Circuit West Reserve, Sheidow Park

Stanley Street Reserve, Glengowrie

Strutt Court Reserve, Trott Park

The Crescent Reserve, Edwardstown

Tilley Court Reserve, Marion

Trowbridge Avenue Reserve, Mitchell Park

Warradale Park Reserve, Warradale

Warriparinga Wetlands, Bedford Park

Weaver Street Reserve, Edwardstown

Westall Way Reserve, Sheidow Park

Willoughby Avenue Reserve, Glengowrie

Wistow Crescent Reserve, Trott Park

Woodforde Family Reserve, Park Holme

Yanyarrie Avenue Reserve, Edwardstown

Yapinga Street Reserve, South Plympton

York Avenue Reserve, Clovelly Park